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Tellhow Alternator

Tellhow alternator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Standard design
4 poles
50Hz or 60Hz
Three phase
IP 21 or 23
Class H insulation
Single bearing with SAE flange or double bearing design

Insulation and lmpregnation
The insulation system is based on the vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) method
Permissible Overload
110%for 1 hour every 12 hours operation

Exciting and Regulation
Tellhow alternator is self-excited, does not need external source of excitation power.
Tellhow alternator has brushless excitation controlled by two different types of Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Distinguished Performance
Excellent voltage stability
Voltage adjusting rate under stable status <1%
Strong power
The ability directly to start an induction motor is as twice as that of the international standard.
Broad voltage range
Voltage regulation range more than 10%VH if needed or being at option
Smooth sine-wave
Sine aberration rate less than 3%.
Electricity magnet compatibility
Special electrical-magnet design and high quality AVR ensure radio interface protection lower than world average level as Germanyy VDE0875.