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XGW15-12 Outdoor Ring Main Unit

XGW15-12 Outdoor Ring Main Unit

The XGW15-12 outdoor intelligent small switching station is developed by integrating foreign advanced technologies. It includes 12KV switchgear, breaker, load switch, current and voltage transformers, 12KV power supply potential transformer, FTU, RTU, 12KV metering and automatic meter reading system, uninterrupted power supply and indicating instrument. These devices are assembled and debugged, and then they are installed into a removable, sealed, moisture-proof stainless steel cabinet. This realizes the integration of the primary and secondary systems in the urban distribution network, shortens the construction period, and greatly improves the operation reliability of urban power grid.

1. The cabinet adopts imported stainless steel plate which is at least 2mm in thickness and has strong corrosion resistance; Compact in structure, this outdoor intelligent small switching station can be used for more than 30 years;

2. There are no fasteners, which can be removed, on the surface of the cabinet. And a special lock structure is adopted, ensuring good anti-theft performance;

3. With a protection grade of IP3X, this product has good rain-proof performance and it can be used outdoors;

4. The cabinet top cover has an air sandwich structure, and there are ventilation openings. The air inlet is located in the lower part of the cabinet and the outlet is set at the top. This forms top-down air convection, so that cabinet has good insulation and ventilation performance.

5. Switches inside the cabinet adopt SF6 fully enclosed structure, and there is no need of heaters and no problem of condensation; the power plug is floodproofing; for switching station equipped with FTU, strong exhaust fan and heater are adopted as per actual needs;

6. Sealed by highly elastic sealing strips, the cabinet is dustproof, moistureproof, anti-condensation, and floodproof.

7. Color of this outdoor intelligent small switching station can be selected according to customer requirements. Customers can choose the color which blends with the surrounding environment.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Rated voltage (KV) 12
Rated current (A) 630
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated active load breaking current (A) 630
Rated closed loop breaking current (A) 630
Rated cable charging breaking current (A) 10
Rated short circuit making current (peak) (KA) 50
Rated short circuit withstand current duration (main circuit) (s) 3
Rated short circuit withstand current duration (ground loop) (s) 2
Rated short-time withstand current (KA) 20/3S
Rated peak withstand current (KA) 50
Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage (KV) 42
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (KV) 75
Loop resistance (μΩ) ≤100
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