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ZBW Compact Substation

ZBW Compact Substation

With orderly placed high voltage equipment, transformer, and low voltage equipment, the ZBW series combined substation is characterized by small volume, compact structure, safe and reliable running, convenient maintenance, and mobility. It is widely used in the residential areas, industrial parks, commercial centers, and other places.

The primary power supply system on the high voltage side can be arranged to supply power in different modes, such as ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply, etc. It can be used for high voltage distribution measurement, capacitance compensation, and protection. In addition, on the high voltage side, there are four- or two-position load switch, backup protection fuse, and plug-in fuse. On the low voltage side, we can install distribution control device, energy metering device, and capacitor compensation device based on user needs, fully reflecting the flexibility of our product.

1. This ZBW series combined substation has small volume which is only 1/3 of that of domestic similar products with the same capacity.

2. The cabinet has good moisture protection, freeze prevention, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. It is fully sealed and insulated, which can ensure personal safety.

3. Our product adopts the elbow plug which facilitates the connection of high voltage incoming cable. In an emergency situation, the elbow plug can be operated as if it is a load switch.

4. The plug-in fuse adopts dual-sensitive fuse, which is sensitive to temperature and current, thus reducing running costs.

5. This product can be placed in the center of loads. This can reduce supply radius, save cables, and improves quality of power supply.

6. Our product is easy to install and maintain, and it has low power consumption. It can be quickly put into operation after installation.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Rated voltage Primary side (KV) 12
Secondary side (KV) 0.4
Rated capacity (KVA) 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, etc.
No load voltage regulation ±2×2.5%
Connection mode △/Yn11
Rated insulation level Lightning impulse withstand voltage (Full-wave, peak) (KV) 75
Power frequency withstand voltage (1min) (KV) 35
Power frequency withstand voltage on low voltage side
Phase to phase and phase to ground (1 min)
Main circuit (KV) 25
Control and measurement circuit (KV) 2.0
Noise level (dB) 50
Protection grade IP33D
Cooling mode Oil-immersed self cooling
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