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SM6 Medium Voltage Switchgear

SM6 Medium Voltage Switchgear

The SM6 medium voltage switchgear is a metal sealed extensible modular product. According to the application requirements, it can be equipped with the load switch, breaker, AC contactor, and isolation switch.

Depending on the switch type, the switchgear can be divided into the following types:
1. IM--Load switch cabinet
2. QM--Load switch + fuse + earthing switch cabinet
3. IMC--Load switch + CT cabinet
4. QMC--Load switch + fuse + grounding switch + CT
5. DMI--Isolation switch + circuit breaker cabinet
6. CRM--Isolation switch + fuse + contactor + earthing switch
7. NSM--Dual power line counters

1. SM6 medium voltage switchgear includes a load switch, Fluarc SFI or Sfonr breaker, Rollarc400 or 400D contactor, and an isolation switch.
2. It is often used in the secondary substation and distribution station with the rated voltage of 24 KV in the industrial and mining enterprises.
3. This switch cabinet is 375-750mm in width, 1600mm in height, and 840mm in depth. This small size brings convenience to installation and operation.
4. It is generally installed in the distribution room or package substation. Cables are connected at the bottom. All control units are on the operation panel, which simplifies operation. Coils, instrument transformers, and other accessories can be equipped.
5. Our product conforms to the GB3906 and IEC298 standards.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Rated voltage (KV) 7.2 12 24
Power frequency withstand voltage (KV, valid value), 50HZ, 1 min To ground 28 42 50
Between fractures 32 48 60
1.2/50μS (KV, valid value)
To ground 75 95 125
Between fractures 85 110 145
Unloaded transformer breaking capacity (A) 16
No-load cable breaking capacity (A) 25
Short time withstand current 25KA/1s 630-1250A
20KA/3s 630-1250A
Rated closed loop breaking current 630A
5% rated load breaking current 31.5A
Rated load breaking current 630A
Short time peak withstand current of main switch and earthing switch 50KA
Thermal current of main switch and earthing switch 20KA/3S 20KA/1S
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