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Soundproof Canopy

Soundproof Canopy

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

TH series sound proof power station
Include soundproof canopy and containerized power station, which is combined with exclusively designed steel canopy and container, diesel gen-set, control board and output system.

Power range: 4KW- 2400KW
Noise level: 65dB (A) - 90dB (A) in 1 meter
Low noise level, rain proof, dust proof, anti-rusty, multifunctional, easily installed, simple operation and safety.
Suitable for telecom, railway, oilfield, industry, minefield, building and other outdoor environments.

Tellhow soundproof canopy
1. The diesel engine:
Strong power, low fuel consumption.
2. The start motor:
To start the engine.
3. The alternator:
High reliability and durability.
4. Cooling system:
The cooling system is consists of the heavy-duty radiator, the cooling fan and so on, to ensure the normal operation under the different ambient temperature. The water inlet on the top of canopy, easy to add the cooling water.
5. Muffler:
The muffler is using the impedance composite muffler, it's effective, low power lost, the general industrial type and the residential type are optional.
6. Air inlet and exhaust system:
Adopt the precise design of the air inlet and the exhaust system to meet the ventilation requirement under the different environments.
7. Control panel:
The control system has a variety of instruments and warming lights, it can show the operation states of generating set, also include the advanced and reliable integrated control module with led screen of a blue backlight.
8. Base frame:
The base frame is the high-intensity seismic structure, it can reduce the deformation of the base due to the shock and self-weight, even if the installed plane of generating set is not very good. This high-strength structure can ensure the overall quality of assembly, equipped with forklift slots, easy to transport. At the same time, the base frame have the shock absorber, can effectively reduce the vibration amplitude of the generating set, to extend the working life, reduce the maintenance costs, in order to bring the work of the generating set more reliable, also we can produce the base fuel tank, to supply the fuel of generating set, the plastic base fuel tank and the metal fuel tank are optional.
9. Emergency stop pushbutton:
The function of the emergency stop button is to prohibit the output of the control circuit and PLC control procedure the fault signals(including the failure to deal with signal relay action, sound and light alarm signals and so on), at the same time, it can cut off some of the main circuit according to the situation. The role of the stop button is to protect the personal safety of the crew and the generating set.

Standard configuration

Engine(1500rpm/1800rpm) Steel base frame
Alternator (50Hz/60Hz) Starting lead-acid battery/battery connection cable
40℃ Radiator Output breaker
Industrial muffler Intellectual control board

Optional configuration

50℃ Radiator Auto fuel supplying system
Residential muffler Maintenance free battery
Heavy anti-fire industrial muffler Auto communication control system
Heavy air filter Remote control system
Electric jacket heater Auto parallel connection system
Combustion jacket heater ATS board
External daily fuel tank Specialized kits
Auto oil supplying system Bus duct

Intellectual control
The control system is combined with multifunction module and electric management system, which could perform auto-starting, auto-protecting, mains supply / self generating switching, parallel connection and long distance communication. It implements our product's completed, intellectual, networking management and controlling.
Excellent operating guide menu, expediently operating.

Security performance
There's urgent stop button beside the control panel's window, it's convenient for stopping genset under urgent situation.
Preparing high secure creepage protector, it will shut off the circuit and alarm immediately when it inducts the creepage.
Preparing monitoring system, ensure the security of genset operation and operators.
All the running parts of genset are installed in the canopy; shield and scald-proof etc. protect the security of operators.

Super silent
The canopy is fixed with multi layers of sound absorbing and fire resisting materials, dramatically reduced the noise level.

Efficiently designed for the ventilation system, reduced the noise and effectively dropped the power loss.
Special designed muffler, dramatically reduced the genset's ventilation noise to perform quiet running.
Use the sound-absorbing cotton and muffler to minimize the noise level.

Tellhow service offers:
24hours response to service emergencies- 7days a week every day of the year.
Tellhow's warranty covers the defective material and faulty workmanship for a period of 12 months after delivery or 1000 hours after commission whichever occurs first, on the condition that all the operation and maintenance on the Gen-set is strictly according to the "Manual For Users".