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HFO Generator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Heavy fuel oil (HFO) generator sets, with unit output ranging from 500kW to 10,000kW, at 500rpm~1200rpm, is an ideal main power supply or emergency (standby) power supply for industrial park, mining enterprises, rural area, and island.

Fuel System
Main Equipment:
1. Crude centrifugal separator—Treatment of H.F.O engine fuel
2. Conditioning unit(Including fuel supply boosting and fuel circulation)---provide the H.F.O engine with fuel oil at constant flowrate, pressure and viscosity (temperature)

Lube Oil System
Main Equipment:
1. Lube oil centrifugal separator-Purifying of H.F.O engine lube oil
2. Automatic back-flushing filter-Ensure the quality of lube oil into H.F.O engine

Cooling Water System
Main Equipment:
Sea water cooler-Cooling of HT water and LT water, Central cooling method

Starting Air System
Main Equipment:
1. Starting air compressor-Used to start the H.F.O engine
2. Starting air vessel

Electric System
Main Equipment:
1. VCB cabinet
2. Main control panel
3. Local monitoring--Engine-mounted instrument panel/Local control panel
4. Remote monitoring-backstage monitoring

MCC Panel
Provide power supply and start-up loop for auxiliary equipment

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