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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Mobile power station
Tellhow series of mobile power station including trailer power station and vehicle power station, which are specifically designed for clients, need to move their power station to supply different locations.

Trailer power station:
1. Rainproof or soundproof canopy is equipped with the intake and exhaust air flow, jalousie and drainage system, which can work in all weather outside.
2. Both sides of the canopy have door for operation and maintenance, which also can be locked to make it secure.
3. Single or double axle trailer is optional
4. Build-in tank for more than twelve hour's running
5. Control panel equipped inside of the observing window
6. Append cable coiling block, cable and other parts are optional

Vehicle power station
1. Fast seed and good load-supporting ISUZU Vehicle
2. Genset installed in strong rust-proof container
3. Inside air conditioner
4. Fire protection system
5. Convenient cable coil
6. Illuminating system
7. Monitoring system
8. Low noise and high performance shock mitigation system