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THS Silent Genset

THS Silent Genset

THS silent genset is composed of a steel soundproof housing, a diesel generator set, a control panel and an output system.

Technical Specifications
Power range: 7KW-520KW
Noise level: 68dB(A)-92 dB(A) at 1 meter

Equipped with a brand engine such as MTU, PERKINS, CUMMINS, VOLVO, etc. and alternator like MARATHON, ABB, STAMFORD or THELHOW, the product is low noise, rain-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof, multifunctional, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable, etc.
THS silent genset is wildly used in the fields of telecommunication, railway, oil fields, industry, mine, construction and other outdoor environment.

Technical Specifications
1Water intake lidIt is a removable type for standard option and a chain type for option.
2Air intakeThe protection grade of the air intake unit is IP23, which can decrease 25 dB(A) noise.
3Fastener The material of the fastener is stainless steel that is anti-theft.
4Hanger frameYou can uplift the genset by it, and a ladder is mounted on it.
5Maintenance doorThe generating set is equipped with a maintenance door that is installed a guiding gutter and water leakage hole and has good noise decrease performance.
6Control panelThe generset is equipped with an intelligent control panel that has an output circuit breaker.
7Pulling buckleYou can pull the genset by it.
8Line bankIt can be used to connect multiple wires.
9Forklift slotThe generator set is equipped with standard forklift slots. Thus, it can be conveniently lifted by the forklift truck at sea ports.
10Drain outletIt is used to discharge dirty water and waste oil
11Battery holderIt is a removable type that is convenient for installation and maintenance, and there is a negative electrode of battery in it.
12MufflerIt is an impedance integral silencer structure with good silence performance.
13Exhaust portIt is designed with a gravity type rain hat to ensure water proof performance.
14Fuel refilling lidIt can be locked.
15Fuel tankSeparated from the main unit, the fuel tank comes with double-skin structure and is constructed with a base frame.
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