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Blokset LV switchgear

Blokset LV switchgear

The Blokset low-voltage switchgear is produced by our company under the authorization of Schneider Electric. It fully reflects the technical strength and features of Schneider's low voltage components. It can be applied in all low voltage systems that require high reliability. It conforms to the international standards of TC60439-1, lEC60529, and EC60947 as well as the national standard of GB72511.

The Blokset low voltage switchgear is a multifunction product. It includes:
1. Distribution cabinet (D type)
2. Power factor compensation cabinet (DC type)
3. Motor control center cabinet (Fixed MF type)
4. Motor control center cabinet (Drawer MW type)
5. Inverter and soft start cabinet (MS type)
6. Distribution box (C type)

1. Comprehensiveness

The Blokset low-voltage switchgear is a complete system integrating Schneider's switching elements. All Schneider protection devices are designed for optimal coordination. Blokset is the switch cabinet specially designed for those devices.

2. Reliability
This switch cabinet is designed in strict accordance with international standards and the production is supervised by Schneider, so the product quality can be guaranteed.

3. Flexibility
All switches are produced locally, which have high flexibility and adaptability.

4. Modularization
Blokset is composed of standardized prefabricated components, so it is easy to modify and extend.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Cabinet type D(132) Dc(132) Mf(132) Ms(132) Mw(132)
Rated Voltage
Rated insulation voltage (VAC) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Rated operating voltage (VAC) 690 690 690 690 690
Rated short-time withstand current (KA/1s) ~85 ~85 ~85 ~85 ~85
Rated peak withstand current (KA) ~187 ~187 ~187 ~187 ~187
Rated Current
Triple busbar (A) ~6300 ~6300 ~6300 ~6300 ~6300
Branch busbar (A) ~3200 - ~3200 ~3200 ~1000
Mechanical Parameters
Separation form (A) 1-2b-3b-4 1-2b 1-2b-3b-4 1-2b-3b-4 3b-4
Protection grade IP 20-31-42-54 IP 20-31 IP 20-31-42-54 IP 20-31-42 IP 20-31-42-54
Width (mm) 700/900 700 700/900 700/900/1100 900/500/700
1100/1200/1300 1100/1300
Depth (mm) 400/600/1000 400/600 400/600/1000 400/600/1000 600/1000
Height (mm) 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Effective height (1 module=50mm) 40 modules 6 levels 40 modules 40 modules 23 drawers
6modules/level 1 drawer =1.5 modules
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