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MNS2.0 Low Voltage Switchgear

MNS2.0 Low Voltage Switchgear

The MNS2.0 low voltage switchgear (TTA), developed and designed by ABB Company, has passed type tests. It complies with IEC60439-1, GB7251.1-2005, and other standards. Its installation and connection are carried out in accordance with IEC364 and DIN VDE0105 standards.

This product can be used in all power generation sites, distribution sites, and in places where electricity is used. It has been put into use in the global market for many years, which confirms its worth. The whole system takes account of future development space, so it avoids risks of being eliminated because of technological development.

The cabinet structure the MNS2.0 low voltage switchgear adopts has high flexibility. Once assembly is completed, no maintenance is needed any more. Different standard components can be installed in the cabinet, so as to meet various use requirements. Since the whole system, including the electrical structure, adopts modular design, it can meet the requirements of various components and adapt to different working environments with appropriate level of protection achieved.

1. Compact structure, small volume
2. Cabinets can be arranged back to back
3. Economic power distribution circuit layout
4. Adopt standard components, facilitating design
5. The cabinet can be designed to have corresponding protection grade according to different working environment
6. Different types of functional components, such as fixed components and withdrawable components, can be installed in a cabinet
7. It is convenient to upgrade and modify this MNS2.0 low voltage switchgear
8. The equipment runs with high continuity and reliability
9. Operator safety is guaranteed

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V/AC,3p
Rated operating voltage Ue 400V/AC,3p
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8KV
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated frequency ~60Hz
Main Bus
Rated current Ie ~5500A(6300A)
Rated peak withstand current Ipk ~220KA
Rated short-time withstand current Icw ~100KA
Distribution Bus
Rated current Ie ~1200A(2000A)
Rated peak withstand current Ipk ~110KA(176KA)
Rated short-time withstand current Icw ~50KA(80KA)
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