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Technical assistance
Whole diathesis is overall, and the quality of serve is high. The service center has three parts, they are Service department, Customer complaints department and repair department.
Provide the benefit of the coverage immediately.

Service before selling
1. Help the customer to carry on the power consuming assessment
2. Help the generators room to design and offer the install proposing Choose the diesel generators correctly
3. Offer products technological consultation and the lecture
4. Design specially for special users

Service on sale
1. Customer's relation
2. The management for the special project
3. Recommend suitable products to clients.

Tellhow Power Generation Services Include:
1.Assessment of the power need
2.Site visit and evaluation
3.Engineering studies and plant design
4.Mobilisation & delivery of equipment
5.Site preparation
6.Equipment installation & commissioning
7.Operation & maintenance
8.Decommissioning and site clean up
We recognise that each power requirement is unique and deliver a tailor-made solution to match your specific needs.

After-sales service
1.Guide to the commissioning of imported Generating set, Technical training and on-spot actual training.
2.Installation work under crucial conditions, e.g. Separate installation of water-cooled Generating set and radiator in the basement; roof-top installation; and soundproof power room.
3.The Generating set commissioning and profession training.
4.Question & Answer service.
5.Excellent commissioning management.
6.Long-term accesseries supply and distinguishing maintenance service.
7.Scheme design and environmental protection elements.
8.Availability of automatic rebuilding interface; addtional PC remote control function; monitorable generating set group.
9. Tellhow supply service for free, subject to the operation of the generating set for 1000 hours or 1 year (whichever occurs first)

Our service department is ready for your requests all the time.
Service contact person: Mr. Rolls Tian
Hot-line: +86-400 889 8636